HP Flatbed OEM ink problems

Over the last few years, some OEM UV inks have been causing print quality issues on Flatbed printers: over-spray, missing nozzles, and ink starvation. Where it might look like a printhead replacement is needed, it is actually a BAD INK PROBLEM!

You can prove this simply by following this  3-step process:
1) Printing a “Prime Bar Test” on smooth media (such as foamboard).
2) Compare the test to the photos below.

3) Solution: replace the ink with Bordeaux Plasma ink, empty the heads and refill it 3 times to assure you have fresh ink in the system. Test again and you’ll be surprised to see that the nozzles have recovered!

To order ink send an e-mail to info@theyallaman.com or call 404-451-5843.

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