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How to connect the Bordeaux ink tube on Plasma ink box (HP Scitex FB 500/700/550/750)

Fix a Color tint in Onyx Rip

Since July 2021, many customers who use Onyx RIP noticed a redd or blue tint over the prints. It happens on different versions of onyx. We found a solution for it. Watch below:

Check your ink quality
on your HP Scitex FB500/700/550/750

Over the last few years, the HP ink FB250 & FB794 have been causing print quality issues: Overspray, missing nozzles, clogged printheads and ink starvation. Where it might looks a printhead replacement is needed, it is actually a BAD INK PROBLEM!

You can prove this simply by following this 3-step process:

1. Print the “Prime Bar Test” on a smooth media (such as Foambord). (System>tools>Service printer>print test>prime bar test)

2. Compare the test results to the photos below:

3. Solution: replace the ink with Bordeaux Plasma ink (sold by us). Empty the heads once and refill it 3 times to assure you have a fresh ink in the system.

Test again and you’ll be surprised to see that the nozzle have recovered!

To order ink, send us an email to to or call 404-451-5843

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