We help wide-format digital print shops save money by making their workflow process more efficient.
Consider us part of your team! Whether its consulting on a single project or just having our services on hand, you will benefit from our up to-date knowledge of technologies and wide range of creative solutions with continuous application support.
Keep your customers happy through our innovative approach.

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Our services:

Let's create efficient workflow

Our team members will work with each customer, taking a holistic approach to analyzing their current workflow and identifying areas for improvement and automation opportunities, and customized solution.

Let's RIP with Caldera

Increase your productivity, cost-efficiency and color output. Caldera’s suite of award-winning, production-orientated print and print-to-cut workflow programs offers color management, imaging and driving solutions for large- and grand-format peripherals. www.Caldera.com

Let's discover new application

Stop spending money on building your internal application team. Let the YallaMan be your workflow support team. Color management, RIP’s, media profiling, process management, G7, Ink conversions and more.

Let's save $$ on INK

Use a high quality and much less expensive ink on all your printers. NEW! ink for HP FB 500/700. See more: www.c-m-y-k.com/products/

Let's Install and Fix

Professional equipment installations and maintenance for: HP Latex 3XX, HP Latex 6XX/8XX,1500/3000, HP FB500/700/550/750,other brands & assortment of finishing equipments

Just ASK us!

Have a question? need advice? Call the YallaMan 404.451.5843

Let's get some education

Train your team to become a master operators and highly efficient production producers!


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