HP Scitex FB operator Training Refresher Course:

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HP Scitex FB operator Training Refresher Course:

How to achieve maximum productivity

Let’s maintain & protect your investment!

Our experts will spend two days with your team at your shop, evaluate your printer’s print quality and train your operators

Topics we cover during the visit:

  • Examine the printer’s status
  • Review print quality
  • Full Printer maintenance
  • Extend your operator’s knowledge
  • Share tips and common practices
  • RIP training
  • Review your workflow process
  • Answer your questions
  • Recommend ways to increase your efficiency

But wait, there’s more:

For a small additional charge, you can extend our visit and allow us to perform a full printer calibration to achieve maximum print quality.

We customize our training to your needs. Please review this questionnaire prior to our phone conversation:

  • Tell us about your business and your staff’s experience
  • Printer type? How old is it?
  • Any current issues?
  • How many operators run your Scitex printers?
  • How many of them have been trained by a certified HP engineer? When?
  • Have you ever moved your printer since the installation?
  • Did you change printheads? When? How many?
  • What type of media do you run?
  • What’s your typical print Mode?
  • Send us a photo of your Nozzle Status. Use a smooth, white media for the test. (Ink menu, Jet Health, 24” wide).
  • Send us some photos of your production room and printer (close up)
  • What RIP are you using? Please provide: Brand, Version, Dongle number, Host ID, Access code
  • How many printers and cutters do you run off your RIP?
  • What brand of ink are you using?
  • Are you using white ink?

Please prepare the following:

  • Please order the HP maintenance kit (CH121A)
  • Please order a bottle of HP UV Printead Flush (CH122A)

Just contact us:   info@theyallaman.com   404-451-5843Let’s do it!

Let’s do it!

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