Case study- New small business
These customers have bought a printer to produce some special applications. Being new to WF printing, they needed a lot of support. From setting up the shop, training on the printer, RIP and workflow, developing the concept, and helping produce their products efficiently, we led them in the right direction.

“The Yalla Man provided us with great training! We decided to take a big step and go for the HP FB550. We are a fast-growing company with very limited space, so he had to work around it. He visited our business to teach us how to work with the HP FB550. He was in charge of assembling the printer and setting it up ready for production. Starting with hardware components and functions, how to load different materials, understanding how the UV Ink and lamps work, cleaning and maintenance procedures, The Yalla Man completed a full week of great training. He also helped us improving our workflow by setting up fast ways of transferring files and printing.

We recommend The Yalla Man services, you will be pleased with their job.”

Juan T.

Speedy Pros, Florida

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