case study – boost up your producion

Graffiti Digital in Tijuana, Mexico is a 13 year old print shop with printing capacity of over 30,000 sqft per day, provides printing services to many resellers such as publicity agencies, commercial real estate agencies, space owners, event managers, among others.

We have  15 different printers, large and super large format: some of which have been in use for more than 10 years and some brand new printers…. 

Our operation is pretty organized. We have a custom made management software, a few sales people, experienced prepress people, skilled operators,  and about 20 production people, running two shifts. When our company started becoming less effective, I hired the Yalla Man for the job! I’ve known Raviv since he setup our first large format printer back in 2000, when he was managing the technical services of Scitex in Latin America. He is an expert in his field, with many years of work experience around the world. 

Raviv spent several hours evaluating our workflow with my team. He interviewed every team member to understand his role in the process and his skill level, then examined our process from getting the final from a customer until we deliver the jobs. He tested the printers, reviewed their print quality, and learned about our needs. At the end, he pointed out a few major items that were really slowing our process down. We discussed solutions and setup a correction plan. 

His job was invaluable to my business! The Yalla Man is now my on-call consultant, available to answer any questions my team has, troubleshooting problems, and bring us up to speed quickly. 

If you have a problem and no one else can help you, you should hire the Yalla Man!

Moshe N.